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What’s wrong with men ?

A tirade of statistics in Friday’s Guardian, chosen to show that our society is dominated by a ‘culture of masculinity’.  Professors Cynthia Cockburn and Ann Oakley cite the preponderance of males among those recently charged with rioting offences.  Men, they … Continue reading

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Dogs on Leads, Please

Imagine that you have a lawn behind your house where you like to sit out for a picnic in fine weather, where your children or grandchildren play, chasing a ball, rolling on the grass.  Now, consider how you’d feel if … Continue reading

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How wars begin

The experience of seeing how our government was persuaded to make war in Libya, combined with a performance of the Theatre Workshop’s  Oh What a Lovely War, led me to read the text of the play after I’d seen it.  … Continue reading

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Changing Times

Once upon a time, the minority who owned our country also governed it, inevitably in their own interests.  When they wanted to make a different use of their land, they simply drove off the people who’d been farming it.  When … Continue reading

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