A New Jerusalem

As a Humanist I can find something to admire in all of the main sects of monotheism, especially when they encourage their adherents to behave well towards other people, but I do so wish that they’d stop squabbling among themselves.   Religion has worked best when everyone believed the same things – unfortunately, we’re long past the times when that was possible.  I don’t imagine that Muslims, Jews  and Christians will ever agree on the basic doctrines and rituals which separate them, but I’ve thought of some  ways in which they could, together, promote peace and harmony in our world.

First, why not agree to share the same special day, as a reminder of all that they have in common?  Muslims have Friday, Jews have Saturday and Christians have Sunday: would God really mind if they chose to focus their thoughts on Him on the same day each week ? I’d recommend  Saturday because it comes in the middle, and it would be an  acknowledgement of the fact that the Jews discovered God first.

Secondly they could work together to get the headquarters of the United Nations moved from New York, where it has never been popular, to the newly designated international city of Jerusalem, where all believers would be assured of access to their holy sites.  Wouldn’t  that be a wonderful symbol of people’s willingness to forget past wrongs and co-operate to achieve a better future ?

OK, maybe I’m being ironic here.  But these are results that even I would be prepared to pray for.


About Trevor Harvey

Post-graduate student of art, literature, politics and government
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