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EU referendum: it’s not just about us

The referendum debate is liable to be dominated by speculation about what might be best for Britain, but I’m hoping that voters will also think about what might be best for Europe and the rest of humanity. My judgment has … Continue reading

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Julius Caesar at the Donmar Warehouse

PREPARATION  I enjoyed reading this play in the No Fear edition: although the translation was invaluable, as usual, long passages were easy to understand in the original text.  From Suetonius I’d already learnt something of Julius Caesar’s backstory: his rise to … Continue reading

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Time to negotiate over the Malvinas

If you relied on our mass media for information you might imagine that Britain’s position on the Falkland Islands is an open and shut case, and that only some sort of rogue state could take a contrary view. So, I … Continue reading

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The Problem with Easter

Over the Easter weekend, persecuted Christians have been emerging from their hiding places. Some have been staging gruesome re-enactments of events on which their faith is based, reminding the world how cruel people who aren’t Christians can be. Our present Archbishop … Continue reading

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Spare us this reorganisation Mr Lansley

One sign of our poor grasp of mathematics in Britain is the common belief that no performance in the public sector should be below average.  Who, after all, would want a school for their children which was less than excellent … Continue reading

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Syria’s tragedy, our responsibility

It must have been deeply frustrating for the United States and its allies when malleable governments in Tunisia and Egypt were swept away by the ‘Arab Spring’, while unfriendly regimes in Libya and Syria seemed immune to popular disapproval. These … Continue reading

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Not so dangerous secularism

According to government  minister Baroness Warsi, Britain is threatened by a tide of militant secularism, though I’ve yet to hear anyone singing ‘onward atheist soldiers, marching as to war’.  The latest evidence for this ‘threat’ is a court ruling that those … Continue reading

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